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blood profits book  BLOOD PROFIT$: The Lithium Conspiracy
Book 1 of 3
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Three corrupt US Senators in bed with the Mob lure America into foreign wars so as to profit from mining lithium and sponsoring legislation and sweetheart deals for a mercenary-based war machine corporation paid for by the American taxpayer. The traitors plot to start another war in Bolivia to profit further.

blood profits book 2 Our Daily Bread  BLOOD PROFIT$: The Price of Indifference Book 2 of 3
Coming in Late Spring 2015
In the sequel to Blood Profit$ - The Lithium Conspiracy – Fallout from the collapse of the SMS engineering, construction, and private military contracting company and the highly placed political corruption, ties to organized crime, money laundering and tax fraud triggers a Mob war, political infighting at the highest levels and sweeps the old regime from office. Digging deeper into the multifaceted corruption, Julia, AJ and Charlie, our heroes from the first novel, now lead the free world from the highest offices and begin to lay bare a global conspiracy to control the US food supply. Russia, China, the entire Muslim world and even the EU are at the brink of a trade war or more over the possibility of US companies tampering with the genetic makeup of the world’s food supply.

Blood Profits book 3 water water everywhere but not a drop to spare BLOOD PROFIT$:  Genocide of the Many! Written exclusively by author James Patrick – The story continues.
Book 3 of 3
Coming in late 2015 or early 2016
The world is at crisis as the Russian Mob threatens to take over the Russian Government and sub sequentially the nuclear arsenal and intends to launch a genocide on the Russian  on Russian Muslims – Interpol lead by Presidential envoy, Charles Pendergrass III and Director of the FBI Putney, forms an international coalition to take the biggest to thwart the greatest threat ever to face the planet.  The President and Speaker of the House form a cross party alliance.
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